serrure de porte de maison intelligente

  • Smart Home Door Lock

    ZigBee wireless keyless lock, which support fingerprint, password, card, remote, key, APP to unlock
    Item No.: LS-01
    Color: Silver, gold, antique copper
    Material: Zinc Alloy or stainless steel 304
    Available lock body : CX-01 (240×24mm),CX-03(388×40mm)
    Suitable for: Family , office , financial room, medicines Tocumen, government
    Power supply:4.5v - 6.5v(4pcs AA Alkaline Battery)
    Typical quiescent current : <40μA ( battery life can be more than one year)
    Operating current: <250 MA (driving ability)
    Open the fingerprint door number : =300 group
    The number of open control group:<=120 (group 120 users)
    Peripheral maximum size: 63MM × 105MM
    Working temperature:-10 to 70 ℃
    Storage temperature:-25 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
    Relative hunidity:5% ~ 95%
    Implementing agency
    DC micro motors
    Can be equipped with lock body
    international standard lock body

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